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4teamz llc has created an innovative way for Minor League Baseball players to receive support from fans, family, friends, community members, where the fan can choose a commitment level through monthly payments and in return, those fans will receive gifts such as hats, jerseys, meet and greets, drawings and invitations to golf outings.  If the player that a fan is supporting makes it to the Major Leagues, the fan can receive a thank you back from the player.  This gift will be three times the commitment level the fan made to the player.  This type of fan supported gift is given without expectation of a return but if a player makes it to the big time, players agree to give a gift back to those that supported them on their journey. 


Minor League players make an average of less than $20,000 per year and receive no compensation during the off season or even spring training.  These players are willing to play for these small wages because they believe in themselves and are fighting hard to accomplish the goal of making the Major Leagues.  Our company allows those that are closest to and supportive of these players to help them afford to keep following their dreams. 


Many other fan engagement tools will be used to accomplish the goal of player support.  From 2 for 1 type offers to golf outings and silent auctions, we will constantly be looking for ways to support those that have a goal and are working hard to accomplish it. 


An additional positive aspect of our program is that it helps eliminate the pressure on players to accept predatory loans from such companies as Big League Advance.  Our capped possible return is much smaller than the career percentages paid back to predatory lenders. 


Our company was founded with the goal of helping athletes follow their dreams.  No Athlete should have to give up their dreams because they can not afford to keep going. 


Founders are Michael Lehner, Scott Hansbury and Frank DeGeorge.  Michael is a retired corrections officer that developed the fan funding concept.  Scott is a very successful businessman that has helped many start ups reach success and Frank DeGeorge is the Founder of Youstake, a successful crowdfunding company.   


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